Andriax Haruss

Loyal retainer of Lady Leia Skywalker, Dark Side acolyte


A coldly-beautiful Human female, Andriax displays the marks of a Dark Side student. Already, her power has grown so that she bears the corrupted eyes and pale, cool skin commonly associated with Sith adepts.


A Nightsister of Dathomir, Andriax displayed a talent for manipulating the Dark Side that led to constant struggles against other Force Witches…struggles that only increased her personal power. When Dathomir was ‘liberated’ by the New Republic’s forces under the command of Luke Skywalker, Andriax refused to join the Peacekeeper Special Services.

Facing a death sentence for her resistance, she was recruited by Luke’s sister, Lady Leia Skywalker to be her personal aide and instructor in the ways of the Dathomiri Witches. While the Sith are not well-known for their loyalty, the Nightsister pledged her life to the Grand Chancellor, becoming Lady Skywalker’s foremost operative.

Andriax Haruss