Belthezar "Bel" Rendix

Crippled Jedi in a cybernetic Frame


Heroic (3-6): Knowledge
Skilled (4-6): Resistance, Influence, Might
Proficient (5-6): Awareness, Coordination, Logic, Stealth

Power (Order): ​you gain +1Ad to rolls when operating as an agent in the chain of command.

Understanding (Comprehension): ​Each Wd spent is an automatic success when trying to learn, understand, empathize, or deduce.

You have permission ​to roll repair or technical Tasks toward the field of Robotics that others would find impossible.

○ You automatically succeed ​at basic repairs, hacks, or jury rigs for Tasks related to your field (robotics).

Surviving Jedi
You’re one of the last survivors of the destroyed Jedi Order.
You have permission to roll for Attunement Tasks that others would find impossible.
You automatically succeed at using Attunement in small or subtle ways, such as mentally lifting tiny objects or sensing danger.

Tech Genius

Human (Nomadic)
+ Coordination
+ Resistance

-Repair Kit
-Robotic Chassis: Susceptible to ion weaponry; Mistaken for a droid; Full Life Support; Sensor suite; +1 Might, awareness, stealth


Bel’s people are no strangers to the perils of space travel, as he comes from a community of humanoids who were space-faring nomads. More at home in a ship than in atmosphere, even after his Jedi training, he’s seen firsthand the various accidents that can ravage the unwary. The Farwalker project seemed a perfect fit for someone so used to long periods in space. Even if he isn’t a Jedi battlemaster, Bel’s no slouch with his blade, and his technical expertise was considered invaluable to the mission.

But the long cryosleep is a dangerous process, despite all the safeties put in place. During the awakening process, it was discovered that his extremities and even many vital organs were irreparably damaged. The medical team did all they could, but ultimately only a core of his major organs and nervous system were salvageable, such that synthflesh wasn’t an option. The mechanical chassis that was rigged up makes him appear more like a droid than a cyborg. Even with his modifications, the adjustment to a life encased in steel may be more of a shock than acclimating to the Galaxy at war.

Belthezar "Bel" Rendix