Colonel Bana Keeg

Resistance SpecForces Commander; Out for revenge


A scarred, older Duros, Keeg is one of the vital components of the Resistance’s military arm. An air of sorrow clings to him, as does the worry that his daughter, the squad leader for Hawkbat, will perish in the coming battles against the New Republic.



The Keeg family has long served in the armed forces, a tradition ranging back nearly 10,000 years, and the Colonel is no exception. Second only to Airen Cracken in his genius for lightning attacks, Keeg handles the tactical operations while Cracken works on the strategic level.

In 20 ABY, Keeg’s wife was among the thousands killed by Ysanne Isard when she tore her ship, the Lusiyanka, free from the depths of Coruscant. Keeg makes no secret that he wants to be personally responsible for Isard’s defeat and execution, an attitude that causes some friction between the Colonel and the rest of the Resistance.

Colonel Bana Keeg