Garda the Hutt

Venerable Hutt, Mortal enemy of Manko


Few Hutts live to be over 1000 years old. Those that do are the most ruthless, craftiest, and wicked among their kind. Garda Jiramma Kulo is feared even among the Venerable. A Hutt of surprisingly few passions or appetites, Garda is massive in intellect and size, though it can barely move without technological aid.


The leader of the Baukola Bakopa Cartel , Garda Jiramma Kulo has seen more of Galactic history than nearly any other living being. Through a combination of guile, shrewd dealing, and a complete lack of either conscience or mercy, Garda rose to the top of the Hutt Cartel hierarchy, leaving a trail of destroyed rivals in his wake.

Given his age, he has few passions, a being of relentless logic and terrible malevolence the equal of the most legendary Sith. One passion he does retain is exactly revenge against San Juro Manko, who executed Garda’s spawn Barra Nokko during a hunt two centuries ago.

Garda the Hutt has resurrected the Metellus Exchange, a black market dealing in exotic technologies, slaves, spice, and information that the Imperial and now Republic governments wish concealed. Garda’s influence stretches across the whole of the Galaxy, and there is nowhere the ancient crime lord cannot reach.

Garda the Hutt