Grand Chancellor Leia Skywalker

Grand Chancellor of the New Republic, Dark Side witch


Time has, if anything, made the beautiful once-princess and Republic Senator even moreso, gifting her with a dark charisma and seductive mien that constantly courts scandal. Her affairs are never more than whispered about, and the final fates of those she takes as lovers never spoken of at all.

She is more subtle, even insidious, than either her brother (whose power and knowledge are turned inward) or father (who embodies the epitome of the power and violence of the Dark Side), choosing to exert her abilities to enhance her beauty, charisma, and bend others to her will over time.

As a Dark Side witch, she does not share the Sith philosophy of her kin, following her own path…though she has secretly taken the Sith name Darth Treya.


Imprisoned on Cloud City, where her love Han Solo perished in the final years of the Galactic Civil War, Leia Skywalker adopted her birth name as a show of solidarity with her father, General Anakin Skywalker, and brother Luke Skywalker, the Inquisitor-General of the Republic Peacekeepers. Embittered by her time away from the war and inability to affect its outcome in all but the smallest ways, once freed Leia quickly gained a reputation as a woman of passion and vast appetites.

Since the final defeat of the Imperial Remnant forces and establishment of the New Republic, Leia has used her fame and connections to ascend to the seat of the Grand Chancellor, nominally the most powerful political position in the Republic. In truth, she shares that power with the other members of her clan as one of the Sith Triumvirate.

Grand Chancellor Leia Skywalker