Hawkbat Squad

Resistance Special Forces; born-again hard


Hawkbat Squad is the ‘direct action’ arm of General Cracken’s Shadow Operations. Under the command of Colonel Keeg, Hawkbat is the sharp end of the Resistance’s spear, a team of specialists without peer.


Pictured from left to right:

  • Sgt. Tarla Keeg. Daughter of the Colonel, out to prove herself.
  • L-Cpl. Jallo Antem. Pathfinder. A Bespin native, Jallo witnessed firsthand the fall of Leia Organa.
  • Cpl. Cran Pellis. Heavy weapons specialist. If it goes bang or boom, he’s the expert.
  • Pvt. Cadan Limpan. Devaronian tech. Chatty, flirty, youngest squaddie.
  • LCpl. Chulo Neetu. Rodian comms specialist. Surprisingly quiet. Expert cryptographer.
  • LCpl. Na’Torthal. Twi’lek medic. Hard-bitten, but surprisingly sympathetic. On the rebound.
  • Cpl. Kessi Donall. Corellian infiltration specialist, slicer. Everything rides on the Resistance for him.
  • Lt. Jaina Pavan. Squad sniper. Family murdered by the launch of the Lusiyanka from Coruscant.

Hand assembled by General Cracken and Colonel Keeg, Hawkbat Squad lives up to its name – silent, lightning-quick strikes leaving the enemy open for conventional Resistance forces. Despite their disparate areas of expertise, Hawkbat is a well-oiled machine, ready to deploy into the hot zone at a moment’s notice. All of them have lost something — family, friends, their homes — making their loyalty to the Resistance above reproach.

Hawkbat Squad