Inquisitor-General Luke Skywalker

The fulfillment of prophecy, leader of the Peacekeepers


Despite falling to his father’s corruption, Luke retains his youthful handsomeness, albeit heavily-scarred and subtly displaying the taint of the Dark Side. He dresses exclusively in his formal, cortosis-woven robes in his role as Inquisitor-General of the Republic Peacekeeping forces.


Once the hero of the Rebel Alliance, Luke chose to finish his training at the feet of the great Jedi Grand Master, Yoda, on the swamp world Dagobah rather than rescue his friends during their confrontation with the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, on Cloud City. That decision, many believe, led to his eventual corruption at the hands of his own father and his part in the destruction of Emperor Palpatine.

After the close of the Galactic Civil War, Luke followed a Dark Side vision to the planet Moraband and the Valley of the Dark Lords. Little is known – or, perhaps, should be known – about what Skywalker learned at the feet of the great and ancient Sith Lords entombed in the Valley. After a decade spent in seclusion, Skywalker traveled to Dathomir to establish the Republic Peacekeeper Academy and the Peacekeeper Special Services branch.

Luke, his father Anakin, and sister Leia are the new Sith Triumvirate, leading the dream of the New Republic into nightmare. His Peacekeepers and Special Services are the terror of the Galaxy, and even now, the Inquisitor-General plans to replace his father and ensure the Dark Side maintains an iron grip on all beings.

Inquisitor-General Luke Skywalker