Kindra Vesat

Nightsister. Criminal Queen of Jubilee Wheel Station.


Darkly-attractive, wickedly humorous, and very far from Dathomir, Kindra is a mystery. While her eyes betray her as a Dark Side adept, she seems far more controlled than your average Sith, her passions contained like plasma is a fusion bottle.


Kindra’s origins remain a mystery to everyone, even her closest lieutenants. It’s rumors that Sol knows more…but if he does, he’s not talking.

Kindra Vesat is a Dathomiri Nightsister; that much is clear. She also gets 1/4 of the credits flowing into station coffers and is mostly-ignored by Security. Few dare to cross her, and those that do are likely to meet her chief enforcer, Sarama. She doesn’t give warnings, usually, but has a soft spot for the station rat Rya Gram.

Kindra Vesat