Leonia Tavira (Captured and Incarcerated)

Beautiful, clever, and exceedingly treacherous



Leonia Tavira is slender with short, black hair with silver highlights—cut raggedly during her early pirate career—and piercing, violet eyes and a rounded, though still petite figure. Her small stature and taut, pale flesh gives her a youthful appearance, but she moves with a confidence that makes her appear older. Tavira is well aware that she was considered attractive and frequently uses her looks to manipulate men to gain power and wealth.


Formerly the youngest Moff in the fallen Galactic Empire, Leonia Tavira accepted the New Republic Senate’s offer of amnesty following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the hands of Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke.

Ever the power-hungry officer, Tavira accepted command of the Aggregator, an Imperial Interdictor Cruiser charged with intercepting Ysane Isard and her vessel Lusiyanka. Their confrontation, with Tavira leading a substantial Republic task force, did not go as planned — Lusiyanka proved an easy match for the Republic’s ships. An unexplained hyperspace anomaly triggered by Tavira’s use of her Interdictor’s grav-well generators hurled both vessels into the Ilum system, where they have engaged in running battles with no decisive victor.

Recently, Tavira allied herself with the Void Raiders, Max Kincaid’s band of pirates. While Max was quite smitten with her, his partner in space-crime, Arvad, was less so. When her treachery was revealed, the Void Raiders turned Tavira over to the Resistance. Het ship, Aggregator, was given to the Gen’Vex.

Leonia Tavira (Captured and Incarcerated)