Massad Thrumble

Former Admiral, Head of Droid Research, Fugitive


An elder Human, Thrumble is surprisingly hardy and sharp-minded, given his age. He’s forgotten more about droid tech than many will ever learn. Brusque, distracted-seeming, and focused more on technology than ideology, he was once considered the Galaxy’s foremost expert on droid technology.


A former associate of droid researcher Simonelle, an Ingoian scientist that picked up experimentation with HRDs when the Rebel Alliance’s Project Decoy failed, Massad Thrumble continued working for the Galactic Empire after his partner left their ranks.

Thrumble, formerly a weapons researcher, turned his prodigious intellect to the development of Human Replica Droids, a project he continued after the Battle of Kashyyk and the death of the Emperor. Fleeing both Imperial Remnant and Republic forces, Thrumble has been hiding for almost two decades somewhere in the Mid-Rim region.

Massad Thrumble