Max Kincaid

'Noshy space pirate. Cyborg. Smarter than he looks.


Kincaid is a surprisingly lithe human male, badly scarred from a long-ago swoop racing accident. Thanks to the cybernetic implants used to repair his injuries, he’s full of all sorts of nasty surprises. He’s also got a Cockney-esque accent.


Once, Max Kincaid was the hot up and comer on the swoop-bike circuit…until an act of sabotage by a rival, Dengar, caused a catastrophic crash that destroyed much of his body. Cashing in his limited stake and a series of favors, Kincaid had much of his body replaced with cybernetic implants and limbs, giving him a life, of sorts, back.

With his racing career ruined, Kincaid was compelled by favors to join a band of space pirates to repay his debts. After an altercation involving the captain’s woman and a cargo of slaves, Kincaid became the leader of the Einhorn Savvies, redubbing them Kincaid’s Raiders.

During the Galactic Civil War, Kincaid joined a band of Rebel operatives, becoming notorious for their unconventional tactics, streaks of improbable luck, and near-thing escapes from the agents of the Empire. Kincaid became fast friends with naive aristocrat Tion Arvad and was the first to uncover Arvad’s penchant for criminal enterprise.

Following the Civil War, Kincaid and his companions quietly faded into the background of the Outer Rim. Remnant Imperial forces that refused the amnesty offered by the New Republic located the group and attacked, resulting in the death of several members of the group, including Arvad’s wife, leaving Kincaid and Arvad the sole survivors.

Vowing vengeance, the pair tracked down the Imperials responsible for the massacre, only to discover that the attack was ordered by the New Republic by General Airen Cracken. Cracken revealed that he was given false information by the Skywalkers, leading to his exit from Republic Intelligence and the creation of the Resistance.

Max Kincaid