Shira Bas-Kilik

In a reckless search for balance.



Shira is a tall, slender-looking man, with a scarred face and long gray hair that he wears bunched in a looped ponytail at the nape of his neck. He has discarded his Sith mask and robes for battered-looking civilian clothes and supplements his threadbare jacket with a water-resistant surplus greatcoat worn draped about his shoulders like a cloak. Presently he prefers to fight and defend himself with his metal cane, but if sorely pressed will disconnect the cane into two halves to form his lightsaber and guard shoto. Both his lightsaber and guard shoto emit crackling, unstable red blades from the volcanic crystals he used in their construction. He also wears, constantly, a slim metal choker about his neck which is actually an explosive bomb collar that can be triggered by a detonator held by one of the other PCs.

High Concept: Former Sith Assassin
Trouble: I Used To Be Darth Zerke
Connection to the Force: No Longer Sith, But Not Wholly Jedi.
Aspect: Street Rat Adopted By A Sith Lord
Aspect: Blademaster
Careful – Average +1
Clever – Average +1
Flashy – Fair +2
Forceful – Great +5 *increased with 2 significant advancements
Quick – Fair +5 *increased with significant & major advancement
Sneaky – Good +5 *increased with significant advancement

Force Forms
Project – Fair​ ​+2
Deflect – Good​ ​+3
Receive – Average +1

Force Talents

Force Stealth
You may disguise your presence in the Force. Gain a +2 bonus to Sneaky actions vs Force-sensitive opponents.

One With The Blade (Form V: Shien) (Form VII: Juyo)
Gain +1 to a single lightsaber form when attacking with a lightsaber.

Lightsaber Deflection *bought with significant advancement
When wielding a lightsaber, if you succeed with Style vs blaster fire, you may choose to forgo the boost to direct the attack at another target; Roll Quick to do so.

Powerful TK *bought with significant advancement
You may roll Might to make a push or pull attack against a foe of the same scale. In addition you may very slowly move objects that are one step up from you in scale (like an X-Wing stuck in a swamp.)

Lightsaber Forms
Form 1: Shii-Cho *free stunt
+2 bonus to Sneaky rolls when attempting to Create an Advantage based on disorientation, distraction or unbalancing opponents.

Form V: Sith Shien
When you Succeed With Style on a defense roll using Sneaky you may forgo the boost to inflict a 2-shift hit to your opponent instead.

Form VII: Juyo
When invoking a situation aspect or environment-based advantage in a Forceful attack, gain a +3 to the roll instead of +2.

Other Stunts
Jar’kai *bought with significant advancement
When attacking or defending with Quick, add +1 to attack rolls and +1 to any defense rolls made.

Paired Guard Shoto sabers *free equipment upgraded with major advancement

Stealth Field
+2 bonus on all Sneaky actions.

Personal Shield
Ignore a mild Consequence per Scene;

Refresh: 4 *bought with major advancement


One of the stasis chambers on the Eternaut is unmarked, the man lying in it unnamed. That’s because the rest don’t need him named. They know who he is, and the danger he once posed to the Jedi Order and the galaxy alike.

Shira Bas-Kilik appears to be a blind cripple, one of many seen crowding poor quarters in cities all over the galaxy. He carries a six-stringed zither and sometimes plays it for change or a meal. The top half of his face is constantly wrapped in bandages stained with antiseptic, and he carries a cane that he uses to find his way when unassisted.

In truth, Shira used to be Darth Zerke, apprentice of fallen Jedi Knight Lilun Kas, who adopted the name Darth Scera. Kas plucked Shira, skinny scabby beggar-boy from the midst of grinding poverty, and used her now-twisted understanding of Jedi training methods to turn him into an living weapon of rage and discipline, honed to a self-destructive point of pain and self-loathing. Kas, in a canny show of self-preservation, had elected to preserve her power and position by turning out a small string of apprentices who would each eventually burn themselves out trying either to make a mark on an indifferent galaxy, or to earn her approval.

Darth Scera had been through fourteen apprentices before she had chosen Shira as her next prospect, and she succeeded wildly beyond her expectations in his training. Darth Zerke was a talented killer and assassin, yoked strongly to her hand in a parody of filial piety, and the two of them cut their way through several seeker-teams of Jedi before Scera was slain and Zerke maimed and captured. The Jedi Council apprehended Shira and had him imprisoned in a high-security cell while they debated what to do with him.

In that time, the flame of rage in Shira’s heart flickered, faded into embers, and then died, leaving only bitter ashes behind. The pain and self-loathing remained to torment him with memories of his former sins and the understanding that Darth Scera had only intended to keep him until he was no longer useful and then disposed of him.

Most of Darth Scera’s apprentices had at least the mercy of imminent death looming as they made this realization. Shira had only his cell, the bandages around his seared, unhealing eyes, and the mighty weight of guilt and despair crushing him whole. Eventually he stopped eating and drinking, and lay in his cell waiting for his death.

It was then, when he wished for death, that a Jedi visited him in his cell. Blinded, he could not see them, but only sense their presence through the Force. And they asked him why he wished to die.

The answer was a simple one. Because nothing he had done had actually mattered at all.

Then came the answer. “If nothing matters, then everything matters.”

Shira is now a penitent struggling to find and stay on the path of light. He permitted the Jedi Council to place a fail-safe explosive choker about his neck in case he ever posed a threat to the galaxy again, and at length volunteered for the stasis chamber and a long slumber. Shira hopes to awaken to better the galaxy now, and to atone for the many crimes he committed in his past.

In his past as Darth Zerke he was a terrifying practitioner of Form V Djem So, specializing specifically in the horizontal reverse-grip technique. His unorthodox training showed as he preferred a single guard shoto held with its blade parallel to his left arm for defense, rather than a second full lightsaber or standard shoto for further offense. Presently he is still a capable combatant, but he no longer holds the connection to the Dark Side as he used to, and the many injuries he sustained in his capture have never adequately healed to restore him to his former condition.

Shira Bas-Kilik

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