Tion Arvad

Scholar. Historian. Embittered criminal mastermind.


Arvad is a tall, lanky human with sharp features. He habitually carries a thoughtful yet blank expression on his face, dressing in the bulky black robes of his Archivist training. He rarely raises his voice or displays strong emotion, preferring to remain quietly sardonic. He’s always planning something.


Recruited by Max Kincaid during the Galactic Civil War, Tion Arvad quickly transitioned from naive scholar and historian to surprisingly adept criminal mastermind. As part of a group of Rebel operatives under General Airen Cracken, Arvad planned most of the team’s missions, combining a penchant for turning common items into weapons, unconventional espionage tactics, and sheer luck into a potent foil for Imperial forces.

Following the war, Arvad’s group quietly withdrew to the Outer Rim, sick of war. For them, the peace would not last — Arvad’s wife, a Jedi, was approached by the New Republic and the Skywalker Clan to join their Peacekeepers…and refused. Murdered along with many of Arvad’s friend in reprisal, her death pushed Arvad and Kincaid, the sole survivors, into a mission of revenge against the New Republic, a path that has since led to their mysterious appearance in the Ilum system.

Arvad and Kincaid are close friends, comrades bonded by war, sacrifice, and loss. Of the pair, Arvad is far nastier than one might expect, a trait belied by his mild outward personality and appearance.

Tion Arvad