Vaz Maduel

Smuggler, sometimes pirate, leader of the Kidra Vaana


Maduel has lives his entire life moving from planet to planet in whatever vessel he can afford at the moment. A native of no particular system or world, his skin is darkened by the light of a hundred suns and toughened by dozens of scrapes, scraps, and battles.


Vaz Maduel was born on a ship – a YT model tramp freighter – to the crew of the vessel. Raised from the time he could walk to live in space, to eat vacuum, to rove the hyperlanes, it was perhaps inevitable that he end up a smuggler, pirate, or fugitive. This week’s home is Hurd’s Moon, where he’s assumed leadership of the Kidra Vaana, a ragged group of smugglers and Alliance vessel hijackers with a seething hatred for the Peacekeepers.

Vaz Maduel