Vex Kilian (One With the Force)

Free-thinking former Temple Guardian


Although chosen at a young age to be a Temple Guardian (forfeiting his name and identity to become a masked avatar of the Jedi Order), Vex was less skilled that his cohorts at adopting an attitude of complete obedience. He was troubled by the contradictions between the hierarchical Jedi order and the belief that individuals should be guided by their personal connections with the Force.

So when he shared in the vision of a great disruption in the future, Vex volunteered to be part of the Sleeper Project, resigning his post as a Temple Guardian and adopting a new name. This was a chance to reject the rigidity of hierarchy and embrace what he hopes will be a truer harmony with the Force.

Turning in his double-bladed lightsaber traditional for the Guardians, he constructs his own with the goal of representing a less-violent outlook (a four-foot phrik staff with a single two-foot white blade, able to be effectively used with and without the plasma-blade deployed).

During his time with the Farwalker Jedi, Vex sacrificed himself to pull the fallen Jedi A’Sharad Hett from the abyss of the Dark Side. Becoming One With the Force, Vex also awakened the nascent sentience of the Genetic Infantry, who christened themselves the Gene’vex to honor the Jedi responsible for their true liberation.

Vex Kilian (One With the Force)

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