Sorzus Syn

Former madwoman, now fully-incarnate Sith Exile


Physically striking rather than beautiful, Isard’s force of personality is her best asset, capable of breaking the will of all but the strongest opponents. Her personality and traits are often compared to her two mismatched eyes. She can be icily cold, heartless and cruel, but is also prone to fiery, temperamental fits of anger. These traits assert themselves at different times in her actions. She Isard is ambitious, calculating, and ruthless, she shows an utter disregard for the lives of others, often killing hundreds to send a message to just one.

With her merging with the Exile Sorzus Syn, the very worst of Isard has emerged and she delves into forbidden Sith alchemy and much, much worse. Little of Ysane remains, if any at all, her body usurped by the ancient Sith sorceress.


Ysanne Isard served as the Director of Imperial Intelligence for several years during the Galactic Civil War, and ruled the Galactic Empire herself for a time after the Emperor’s death in 4 ABY. Isard followed her father, Armand Isard, into Imperial Intelligence at a young age, blossoming into a model field agent.

After the Alliance to Restore the Republic stole coordinates of the location of the Death Star’s construction site, Ysanne was sent on a mission to the planet Darkknell. While the mission was a failure, she survived but the prospect of losing considerable face back on Imperial Center infuriated Isard. She instead found a way to pin the blame on her father. Backed up by members of the Emperor’s Royal Guards, she accused her father of treason; the Emperor had him executed within the hour, and she took her father’s position as Director of Imperial Intelligence.

Isard was exceptionally close to Palpatine, so much so that she was given the second Executor-class Star Dreadnought constructed, the Lusankya. Buried underneath the surface of her homeworld of Coruscant, the Lusankya became a prison and brainwashing facility, and Isard used it to torture the secrets out of many enemies of the Empire, as well as convert selected prisoners into sleeper agents.

Her experiments with sleeper agents led, somehow, to her merging forbidden Dark Side techniques with her extensive knowledge of mind manipulation, leading to the creation of the Beast, a Force-consuming ‘demon’ used by her as the perfect infiltration agent. Symbiotically-tied to Adjustments agent Sargath Owhath, the creature became Isard’s primary agent.

With the ascension of the Skywalker Clan, Isard’s position within the new Galactic order was endangered — the New Republic could not justify her inhuman experimentation and covert action, and Chancellor Leia Organa condemned her personally as a war criminal. Isard promptly launched the Lusiyanka from its subterranean dock on Coruscant, resulting in the death of thousands.

Pursued by New Republic forces, Isard, the Lusiyanka, and Usurper, an Imperial-Class 1 Star Destroyer fought Leonia Tavira’s Task Force Rancor to a standstill before being hurled into the Ilum system by a hyperspace anomaly near Metellus.

It has since come to light that Isard isn’t working alone — the creature she is now is a fusion of her original personality and the spirit of Sorzus Syn, one of the dreaded Exiles. Her ultimate goal seems to be the resurrection of her comrades Karness Muur and XoXaan. Whatever dark design might spring from that may well shake the Galaxy to its foundations.

With the destruction of Isard’s vessel, Sorzus Syn has taken over the former ISB Director’s body entirely. Those who weren’t present for the transformation would be hard-pressed to recognize anything of Isard now, Syn having used Dark Side flesh-crafting to alter the body to her own cryptic purposes.

Sorzus Syn