The Emperor of the evil Galactic Empire is dead…but the power of the DARK SIDE remains.

ANAKIN SKYWALKER and his son, LUKE SKYWALKER, together with Luke’s sister, LEIA ORGANA, have destroyed the feared GALACTIC EMPIRE. The age of the NEW REPUBLIC is now, and a false peace spreads throughout the Galaxy, enforced by the brutal armies of the Skywalkers’ PEACEKEEPERS

Unknown to all but their inner circle, the Dark Side has corrupted the dream of the New Republic. As the High Lord, Inquisitor General, and Grand Chancellor plot against one another, a small spark lost in the vastness of the void will ignite a Second Galactic Civil War…

At the outermost edges of the Galactic Rim, the starship ETERNAUT orbits, its precious cargo of hibernating JEDI KNIGHTS the only hope for liberating the Galaxy from the grip of oppression…

Together with their allies in the RESISTANCE, the Jedi of PROJECT FARWALKER, striking from the hidden system of ILUM, strive valiantly to bring peace to a Galaxy ravaged by conflict and war…for against the shadows cast by the Dark Side there must be a