Caelan Peregrine

Jedi archaeologist with an uncomfortable Sight.




Heroic (3-6): Knowledge, Logic
Skilled (4-6): Awareness, Coordination, Influence, Resistance
Proficient (5-6):
Common (6): Might, Stealth


Freedom (Of Mind): Each Wd spent to ignore the negative effects of those mentally manipulating you, either through Attunement or Skill, is an automatic success.


Understanding (Discovery): Spend 1 Wd to learn, discover, or understand something useful and pertinent in the current Scene.


Your area of expertise is uncovering information, whether deliberately hidden or lost to time.
You have permission to attempt research-related Knowledge Tasks that others would find impossible.
You automatically succeed at low-Difficulty Knowledge tasks.

Surviving Jedi
You’re one of the last survivors of the destroyed Jedi Order.
You have permission to roll for Attunement Tasks that others would find impossible.
You automatically succeed at using Attunement in small or subtle ways, such as mentally lifting tiny objects or sensing danger.


Jedi of all Trades
Student of the Mind
Force Secrets
Voice of Reason


Human (Corellia)
+ Coordination
+ Knowledge


“Most Corellians think the legend of the Peregrine is spooky, and most Corellian Jedi have bad luck when they leave the system. Well, against all odds, our forefather Berethon went out into the galaxy to fight the Sith; they called him ‘Lord Peregrine’ for it. And he came back when most didn’t. So his daughter took the name for her family; at least one of us in any generation goes out into the galaxy, and we always come back.” — Aedor Peregrine

Caelan Peregrine e Berethon, a Corellian Jedi of the lineage of the Jedi Lord Berethon, is, like her compatriots, strong in the Force. From a young age, she demonstrated both an inquisitive mind and an uncanny insight, which her Master eventually identified as a visionary talent. Training focused her ability; she could actively seek a vision of the past, though instead of directly perceiving visions of the future, she instead had the capability to perceive shatterpoints.

Native curiosity and visionary talent combined to send her down the path of the Jedi Researcher, with a specialty in archaeology. Unusually for a Corellian Jedi, she spent time in the Exploration Corps under an archaeologist Master at the Academy of Jedi Archaeology, where her capability to see past events proved useful in seeking out artifacts. She was knighted after an expedition to Taris went awry; she was able to protect the majority of the expedition’s members, as well as recover artifacts from the time of the Mandalorian Wars.

Over the next two decades, Caelan developed a reputation as somewhat of a maverick; many of her peers felt that her sheer enthusiasm was a constant violation of the first precept of the Jedi Code. Her proficiency with a Jar’Kai variant of Juyo, a lightsaber form that requires channeling the passion of battle, only served to underline those fears. More conservative Jedi viewed her typical Corellian insouciance in the face of danger (“Never tell me the odds…”) as arrogance or flippancy. Nonetheless, not even her most fierce detractors could claim that she was of the dark side.

Caelan is tall and lithe, with auburn hair and green eyes surrounded by the wrinkles of a career spent in various ruins. She is in her mid-forties, but, like most Force-users, appears younger. She prefers to use knowledge and diplomacy to resolve a situation wherever possible; however, more than one artifact thief or dark-side wannabe has fallen to her saber. Her tendency to go on solo expeditions have forced her to rely on her own skills as well as the Force; she is a decent pilot, can make repairs to droids, ships, speeders and holocrons, and knows the basics of survival in a variety of biomes. Caelan is sometimes uncomfortably pulled between her preference for the precepts of the Living Force, and the wider knowledge her visions impose upon her.

Caelan’s twin sabers reflect both her interests and her heritage; her primary saber is a simple slender hilt, precision-machined, polished, and engineered; her shoto is of a rougher, older design, weathered metal, and green leather wrappings. Crystals handed down through the family give the blades a unique silver-green hue.

Primary: (silver hilt)
Secondary: (weathered metal, medium green leather wrap)

Caelan Peregrine

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