Gavin Tille (One With the Force)

Scout. Mystic. Survivalist.



Gavin Tille, Jedi Purifier


Heroic (3+): Awareness, Resistance
Skilled (4+): Coordination, Influence, Knowledge
Proficient (5+): Stealth
Common (6+): Might, Logic

Wanderlust (Terra Incognita): Spend 1 Wd to automatically succeed at navigating unknown territory. Gain +1Ad at checks involving that territory after for free.

Serenity/Stillness: Any Wd spent to overcome an altered state of mind, or help another to do so, are automatically successful.

Raised on the rough planets at the edge of the Galaxy

You have permission to attempt environmental Resist Tasks that others would find impossible.

You automatically succeed when Resisting the effects of an environment typical of your homeworld (low or high gravity, caustic atmosphere, extreme temperatures, etc).

Surviving Jedi
You’re one of the last survivors of the destroyed Jedi Order.

You have permission to roll for Attunement Tasks that others would find impossible.
You automatically succeed at using Attunement in small or subtle ways, such as mentally lifting tiny objects or sensing danger.

Friends in Low Places

Species/Homeworld: Human (Corlassian), + Might + Resistance

Will Dice: 9

Tenets Upheld:



Gavin carries an array of survival gear in his belt pouches and a neat and compact backpack. His lightsaber is based on an ancient design that relied on a solid blade to back the energy blade portion. It looks like a vibro-scimitar, until the power output is redirected through a specially-cut krayt dragon pearl, which activates the lightsaber edge. With the solid backing, the blade is heavier and somewhat less maneuverable than a classic lightsaber, but sometimes the extra heft can break the magnetic containment of an opponent’s lightsaber, granting a surprising advantage. The lightsaber edge is white with a grey core. (+1AD when attacking or trying to disrupt an opponent’s weapon, +1 Difficulty when attempting quick manuvers or defenses.)


Born on the planet Corlass in the Outer Rim Territories, Gavin Tille has always had wanderlust in his blood. Being the son of seafaring pirates, and then joining space-going traders, afforded the young Human ample opportunities to see the Galaxy…and escape the proto-fascist leanings of his home sector’s government.

It was during one of his sojourns that Tille encountered the Jedi ExplorCorps, the branch of the Order dedicated to mapping the Galaxy and acting as ambassadors to newly-discovered species. He left his berth on his parents’ vessel, the Lidan Vaanma, after being told of his prodigious but undeveloped ability with the Force.

During his apprenticeship, Gavin was approached by the Duro Jedi Pathfinder Hoola Zhalto. Sensing the young Human’s potential, Master Zhalto took him as padawan. As part of his training, Gavin was taught the ancient rituals of the Purifiers, once said to have cleansed entire worlds of the influence of the Dark Side. Master Zhalto’s explorations and reconstructions were considered dangerous by the Jedi Council on Coruscant, and the old Jedi was censured shortly after Gavin completed his training.

Taking up the mantle of Purifier, Gavin spent a decade in the ExplorCorps before transferring to the Republic Astrogation Survey Team, covertly seeking out dark worlds and bringing them back into the light. His practice of the rituals brought him to censure at the hands of the Council, like his master. Tille was given a choice: volunteer for the Farwalker Project or face censure and potential exile.

Choosing Farwalker was hardly a choice at all…for what better territory to explore than that most unknown and unknowable region…the future?

Gavin Tille (One With the Force)

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