Security Chief Kuna Peress

Security chief of Jubilee Station. Hardass.


A fit and somewhat short Human in his third decade, Chief Peress runs Jubilee’s security force, answering to Sol. Everything about him speaks of business, of being a hard man keeping scum in line. But beneath that exterior, the Chief is a man that’s clever, ruthless, and surprisingly compassionate.


Prior to Sol’s takeover of Jubilee Wheel Station, the Chief was another blaster for hire, well-regarded but otherwise unexceptional. After framing the Chief, Sol had him hauled into his office for some chit-chat; Kuna Peress walked out of the office, uniform and new position in hand. Since then, he’s been Sol’s ear to the plating, keeping the worst of the corruption in check on the station.

The Chief has a strict ‘no kill’ order in place, but he’s equipped his force with the nastiest non-lethal weapons money can buy. Station Security won’t kill you, but they’ll make you wish you were dead.

Security Chief Kuna Peress