"The Beast" (Experiment Failed; Terminated)

Dark Side demon; eater of minds and souls


The Beast, in its true form, is a living nightmare, a storm of Dark Side energy held together by the maddened consciousnesses of its devoured victims. When it attaches itself to a host, their flesh seethes with change, becoming monstrous as their sentience is consumed.


The Beast’s true form


A creation of Ysanne Isard, the demon calling itself The Beast formed deep within the subconscious mind of Imperial Adjustments agent Sargath Owhath. Over time, as Owhath’s mind fragmented under the strain of Isard’s implantation procedure, The Beast formed as an accumulation of Dark Side energies and shards of tormented thought from Isard’s victims. In time, it has become a creature unto itself, an eternally-hungry, malevolent monster capable of unleashing incredible destruction.

Recently, it’s come to light that The Beast serves another purpose — as a sort of battery of Dark Side energy that could be unleashed by the Exiles. The first attempt to do so formed a Force storm that hurled Isard and Leonia Tavira to the Ilum sector. Whatever the next manifestation might be, nothing good can come of it.

"The Beast" (Experiment Failed; Terminated)